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Gordon Murray—Gordon has provided invaluable assistance with information from his unique perspective as creator and director of Rubovia.  The insights and thoughts that he has shared with us form an essential component of this website. Without his help the website would have been very much the poorer. We wish to express our sincere and heartfelt gratitude to Gordon, who at the age of 82 (in 2003) still tends to sound like a bright, young man fifty years his junior. It's been such a delight interacting with him on a personal level.  
Andrew & Margaret Brownfoot—Our heartfelt thanks goes to these two important members of the “Rubovian Legends” team. They deserve special mention for sharing their behind-the-scenes Rubovia archive, which they managed to keep intact over the years and the miles. They have kindly answered many questions, have contributed production illustrations and other materials, but most importantly, have given of their valuable time to help bring Rubovia back from its long slumber. Click on the map at right to find out more about Brownfoot-Sirimanne bespoke holidays available in sunny Sicily.
Roy Skelton—Our sincere thanks goes to this important member of the “Rubovian Legends” team, who also did all the voices on the “Rubovia” stop-motion series and has kindly answered our questions about Rubovia.  
James Beattie—Our sincere thanks goes to this special member of the “Rubovian Legends” team. He has kindly shared anecdotes, answered questions, contributed press clippings, magazine articles and other materials, going out of his way to help with our quest for information about Rubovia.  
Shaqui Le Vesconte—Helped immensely with sleuthing and many useful suggestions! (See also Geoff Felix entry below). Also located hard-to-find photos of Pamela Binns, Violet Lamb, and the Winkleburg Armourer. Click on the picture at right to visit Shaqui’s “Sarah & Hoppity” television puppetry tribute website. Sarah & Hoppity website
Andrew & Caroline Barrett—Fellow historians and researchers whose help behind the scenes brought several important pieces together. Click on the picture at right to visit their very popular “Rainbow” website, which provides the most comprehensive account of the history of this popular children’s television series. Rainbow website
Simon Coward—Provided a lot of help with episode listings, credits and titles, plus encouragement and much more, including an incredible ace card...stay tuned! ;-). Click on the picture at right to visit his “Ace of Wands” tribute website. Ace of Wands website
Geoff Felix—Wrote to Gordon Murray way back in 1979 and subsequently passed on his collection of Rubovia ephemera (including Gordon Murray’s reply) to Shaqui, who passed it onto us! Geoff’s enthusiasm for the Rubovia website project was very encouraging. Geoff is a well known puppeteer, ventriloquial figure maker and Punch and Judy performer. Click on the picture at right to visit his website.
Geoff Felix

presesents his authentic
Punch & Judy
Tim Worthington—Supplied a lot of Rubovia information as well as general enthusiasm and encouragement. Also gave permission to reproduce his Rubovia Article that originally appeared in his Paintbox magazine. Click on the logo to visit the Paintbox website, where you are assured of an interesting read on many diverse topics. If you liked Paintbox, you'll probably also like Tim's other website: "Is This Music?" Paintbox popular culture magazine & e-zine
Terry Guntrip—Supplied a copy of the Rubovia publicity still from Sept 1958 BBC Ariel magazine, and gave us a lot of encouragement besides.  Please click on the logo at right to visit Terry’s excellent 1950s British Television Nostalgia website. Whirligig 1950s British Television Nostoagia website
Robert Whelan—Provided a lot of encouragement, and wrote for the website an account of his childhood visit to Gordon Murray’s puppet theatre in the BBC’s new Television Centre.  
Richard Evans—Another great source of encouragement and Rubovia information. Also gave his blessings to our request to reprint parts of Andrew Brownfoot’s The Prehistory of Trumptonshire article. Click on the logo at right to visit the Trumptonshire website. Trumptonshire Web
David Brunt—Provided help with finding and interpreting RT episode listings, including many of Gordon Murray's non-Rubovia puppet plays.  
David Buck—Provided a lot of help with RT episode listings, including many non-Rubovia Gordon Murray puppet plays.  
Chris Patient—Supplied information to do with the Rubovia stories that appeared in children’s publications.  
Ian K. McLachlan—Went to considerable trouble to provide us with a copy of a very rare Gordon Murray story about Rubovia, complete with photographs.   
Andy Kinch—Long-time puppetry fan (and musician) who provided key video recordings of the DEF II segment of the BBC television programme, “Babylon 2”, 1988. Click on the CD to find out about his latest musical smorgasbord, available only at Andy’s Diner. Andy's Diner CD
The British Library—The staff of the Colindale Newspaper Library branch were very helpful and courteous in my search for archival material during the summer of 2003.  

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