Picture Gallery - Part 3

Gordon Murray's Stop Motion Rubovian Puppets

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This is one of the few surviving production stills of the stop-motion puppets, shown here performing in the stop-motion “Rubovia” episode called The Unreliable Wand. The setting is Rubovia Castle, and Weatherspoon has just levitated King Boris of Borsovia with a magic spell. But will he be able to bring him safely down again? Left-Right: Weatherspoon, Queen Caroline, King Rufus, King Boris, Rubina, Pongo, Lord Chamberlain. As shown on the BBC LP record cover, REC 282.

Picture courtesy Gordon Murray. Copyright © Gordon Murray, 1977.

Point of interest: The full transcript to The Unreliable Wand appears in the Tales of Rubovia section of the website.

Picture(s) from the back of the LP cover.

Was the castle shown at the start of Bessie o' the Glen in the Gublin Legends the same one used in Rubovia?