Rubovia Books
(Stop-Motion Series)

Time For Bed
Story Book
From Gordon Murray's BBC TV Programme
(A Dean's Happy Hours Book)

Illustrated & written by Pete Adby, Gary Stock, and
John Sullivan 

1976, Dean, London, UK
© 1976 Gordon Murray as to the characters
© 1976 DEAN & SON, LTD as to the text and artwork

This book is fairly easy to find on Ebay, often selling for as low as £2. Mint copies can fetch as much as £10.

Illustrations from the Rubovia Time For Bed Story Book, © 1976 Dean & Son, Ltd.
L-R: King Boris of Borsovia, Farmer Bottle, King Rufus of Rubovia, Queen Caroline of Rubovia, Mr. Weatherspoon, Lord Chamberlain.

The stories, mainly text with some pictures, are as follows: 

Painting by Numbers (4 pages): King Rufus has a Painting By Numbers competition which the Queen misunderstands and barks out numbers and colours to the Lord Chamberlain to paint. She wins a prize of a Painting By Numbers Book. 

A Case of Curiosity (2 pages): In a story about the perils of trying to find out what is in other people's mail, Mr. Weatherspoon takes delivery of a parcel which is addressed to the Queen. Curious about what is inside the parcel, Mr. Weatherspoon tries rattling it, but to no avail. He delivers it to the Queen, who to his disappointment just puts it in a cupboard, unopened. A couple of days later she gives it back to him for his birthday. He feels rather silly that he had rattled away at a parcel that was really for him, and feels even more silly when he finds that the contents have all apparently been rattled to pieces.

The Queen’s Salad (4 pages): The Queen wants to grow salad vegetables. Farmer Bottle accidentally drops all the different sorts of seeds into the freshly prepared garden plot, mixing them up. Mr. Weatherspoon makes a wooden sign that says “Salad” and the Queen is pleased. 

Magic Moments (4 pages): The King of Borsovia is visiting, and Mr. Weatherspoon is asked to put on the usual magic tricks for some entertainment. Not fully recovered from Mr. Weatherspoon's previous attempts at magic, King Boris declines the magic show, so Mr. Weatherspoon provides some musical entertainment instead. 

The Queen’s Tea (3 pages): The Queen is about to have an egg for tea, but when she taps it her spoon bends. It turns out that the egg is solid gold, a result of one of Mr. Weatherspoon's slightly magic health potions gone slightly wrong! Henrietta the hen continues to lay golden eggs at the rate of two or three a week, which is why from that time onwards, the Kingdom of Rubovia never ran short of money. 

Pongo’s Mistake (2 pages): Pongo feels unwell so eats a cabbage. He feels better, but the cabbage was one of the Queen’s “Best Export Cabbages”. The cabbage is replaced and the Queen is none the wiser.

Illustrations from the Rubovia Time For Bed Story Book, © 1976 Dean & Son, Ltd.
Pongo (Queen Caroline's pet Chinese dragon) and Rubina (Mr. Albert Weatherspoon's cat, a.k.a. 'puss')

Rubovia Pop-Up Book:
ABC and counting

From Gordon Murray's BBC TV Programme
A Dean's Playtime Pop-Up Book
1976, Dean & Son Ltd., London, UK
© 1976 Gordon Murray as to the characters
© 1976 DEAN & SON, LTD. as to the text and artwork.

Due to the inherent fragility of pop-up books, good copies of this book are quite rare. Mint copies can fetch as much as £20.

Designed for use with parental help (to protect the pop-up pages) for four to five year olds to learn the alphabet A–Z and numerals 1–10. Illustrated with pictures inspired by Gordon Murray's Trumptonshire-styled “Rubovia” stop-motion television puppets series. The artist was probably the same one who illustrated the Dean Rubovia Time For Bed Story Book (see above). Some of the more obvious Rubovia tie-ins are: 

B is for bell and book. B is for ball, fun to kick.  [shows the Lord Chamberlain carrying said items]
C is for cat; thinks it's not seen.  [shows Rubina, Weatherspoon's cat]
C is for crown, fit for a queen.  [shows Queen Caroline's royal crown]
D is for dragon—green, as you see.  [shows Pongo, Queen Caroline's pet dragon] 
Q is for Queen with a crown on her head.  [shows Queen Caroline of Rubovia wearing said crown]
T is for teapot, ready to pour.  [shows a teapot bearing the Rubovia Royal Crest, a crown over an "R"]

Illustrations from the Rubovia Pop-Up Book, © 1976 Dean & Son, Ltd.