Biography of Violet Lamb

Violet Lamb

Publicity photo, 1967 

An English actress who had a long career mainly on the stage. She was the voice of Queen Caroline of Rubovia in Gordon Murray's "Rubovian Legends" television marionette plays for children. Violet gave the Queen a voice that had breeding, command, and assertiveness in just the right proportions. She is well remembered for her strident, "Rufus!" when looking for the King, and the more endearing, "Here Pongo, Pongo, Pongo...!" when looking for her beloved baby Chinese dragon. Gordon Murray said that due to being a very accomplished actress, she voiced the Queen without any effort whatsoever.

Married to well known English actor, Cyril Luckham 1907 - 1989.

In later years Violet (as Violet Luckham) and her husband were first performers of the work, "At Home with Elizabeth Gaskell", written by Barbara Brill. This took place at Lyme Hall in Cheshire in 1980. This work has since been performed at the National Portrait Gallery and many small venues.

In 1997, at St. Jude's Church Rooms, Violet Luckham gave a talk to the Hampstead Garden Suburb Townswoman's Guild entitled, 'An actor's wife.' 

"Mrs. Thursday" (1967) (TV series, episode 19.10.67: The Sea, the Sea, the Open Sea)
"A Rubovian Legend" (1955) (TV series, all 29 episodes, including two remakes, B&W, marionette plays by Gordon Murray) ...Queen Caroline (voice)
The Dancing Princess (1962) (TV, B&W, marionette play by Gordon Murray) ...(voice) (alongside Pamela Binns, Eric Shilling, Hamilton Dyce, Roy Skelton and Noel Coleman)
The King of the Golden River (1959) (TV, B&W, marionette play) ...puppet player (alongside Audrey Atterbury, John Hardwick, Bob Bura, Roy Skelton, James Beattie and Noel Coleman)\
The Bird of Truth (1956) (BBC Productions. Puppet play by Joy Martin. Gordon Murray producer. Puppets & settings by Andrew Brownfoot) ...(voice) (alongside Violet Lamb, Peter Hawkins, Dorothy Gordon, Noel Coleman)
The Winkleburg Armourer
(1956) (TV, B&W, marionette play. Written, produced and puppets by Gordon Murray) ...puppet player (alongside Audrey Atterbury, Pamela Binns, Noel Coleman, Derek Nimmo, James Beattie, Roy Skelton, David Sutton, Peter Sutton)