Biography of Raymond Rollett

Raymond Rollett
Playing the part of the Chief Constable in
the 1957 movie, Blue Murder at St. Trinian's.
(picture © Studio Canal)

English actor and voice actor who lent his voice to all three episodes of Gordon Murray's first series of "Rubovian Legends".  Judging by his voice, he probably played King Rufus XIV of Rubovia. Indeed, Gordon Murray's King Rufus puppet (which was made for the second "Rubovian Legends" series) seems to have more than a passing resemblance to Raymond.

b. 9 March 1907, Kings Lynn, England, UK
d. 19 December 1961, London, England, UK

Raymond Rollett was a distinguished-looking  actor of fairly solid stature also recognizable by his thick head of dark hair.

A biography has been published (quite rare):
Raymond Rollett, the forgotten actor, 1907-1961, by Chris Boxall. 119pp (1987), publisher: C. Boxall

Actor Filmography
The Golden Rabbit (1961) ...Manager 
Part-Time Wife (1961) ...Barnsdale 
Return of a Stranger (1961) ...Somerset 
Three Spare Wives (1961) ...British Consul
Ticket to Paradise (1960) ...Higginbottom
"The Infamous John Friend" (1959) (TV mini Series) ...Lord Mountstephen
Gideon's Day
(1958) ...Uncle Dick (uncredited)
 ... aka Gideon of Scotland Yard (1959) (USA) 
"Pushful And Pieface" (1957) (TV Series, BBC Slapstick playlets for children, 3 episodes: 5, 10, and 15 minutes, B&W. Starring: Peter Howell (episode 1), Raymond Rollett (episode 2) , Bill Fraser (episode 3), all of whom played the same character) ...Sir Hugh Pushful PTO RSVP
Blue Murder at St. Trinian's (1957) (directed by Frank Launder) ...Chief Constable  DVD (his part is at 37:16)
Men of Sherwood Forest (1957) ...Abbot St. Jude
“A Rubovian Legend” (1955) (TV series, BBC, 1st series of 3 plays, 20 min, B&W, presented by BBC Puppet Theatre, B&W, marionette plays produced by Gordon Murray) ...(voice)
Dick Turpin, Highwayman
Supersonic Saucer
"The Crimson Ramblers" (1956) (TV Series, 7 x 30-minute episodes, B&W) ...Simon Beatal
Stolen Assignment (1955) ...(uncredited) 
They Can't Hang Me (1955) ...Sir Robert Rosper 
A Kid for Two Farthings (1955) ...Breakaway china stallholder  DVD
The Angel Who Pawned Her Harp (1954) 
Men of Sherwood Forest (1954) (77 minutes) ...Abbot St. Jude 
The Limping Man (1953) (Classic film noir dir. by Elmer Clifton; B&W; 76 minutes) ...Jonas 
Moulin Rouge (1952) (Musical drama directed by John Huston) ...(uncredited)  DVD
The Card (1952) (Drama dir. by Ronald Neame, starring Alec Guiness) ...Bandmaster (uncredited)  VHS
 ... aka
The Promoter (1952) (USA) 
The Galloping Major (1951) ...(uncredited) 
Mister Drake's Duck (1951) (B&W; 75 minutes [USA] 85 minutes [UK]) ...Admiral 
"Treasure Island" (1951) (TV Serial, 7 episodes) ...Squire Trelawny
Gone to Earth (1950) (Drama/romance. B&W, 110 minutes) ...Landlord/Elder  DVD
 ... aka Gypsy Blood (1952, re-edited) 
 ... aka
The Wild Heart (1952, re-edited)
"Whirligig" (1950) (TV Series, in the 'Can We Help You?' segments) ...Sly (alongside Peter Hawkins, & James Ottaway as 'Clibber')
Last Holiday (1950) ...Doctor in Hotel (uncredited)
Don't Say Die (1950) ...(uncredited) 
Gone to Earth (1950) ...Landlord/Elder 
The Elusive Pimpernel (1950) ...Bibot  VHS
 ... aka The Fighting Pimpernel (1954) (USA) 
Master of Bankdam (1947) ...Handel Baker 
"Larry the Lamb" (1947) (TV Series)   VHS
Thunder Rock (1943) ...1st Judge (uncredited)
Pastor Hall (1940) (Drama, B&W, 95 minutes)

Notable TV Guest Appearances
"Richard the Lionheart" (1962) playing "De Bohm" in episode #1.3: The Robbers of Ashdown Forest, 18 June 1962  DVD
"The Cheaters" (1960) playing "The Salesman" in episode # 2.26: Knight of the Road, 16 June 1962
"Alcoa Presents: One Step Beyond" (1959) playing "KC" in episode #3.27: The Confession, 11 April 1961  DVD
"International Detective" (1959) playing "Harvey Jerome" in episode #1.25: The Marlowe Case, 12 June 1960
"Dial 999"  (1958) playing "Mr. Lusford" in episode #1.3: Illegal Entry
"Hancock's Half Hour" (1956) episode #3.9: The Lawyer: The Crown v James S., 2 December 1957  DVD
"Hancock's Half Hour" (1956) playing "Stanley/Lord Chatterley" in episode #2.2: Lady Chatterley's Revenge, 15 April 1957  DVD
"Hancock's Half Hour" (1956) playing "Russian Aristrocrat" in episode #2.3: The Russian Prince, 29 April 1957  DVD
"Hancock's Half Hour" (1956) playing "Consul" in episode #2:5: The Pianist, 27 May 1957  DVD
"Dixon of Dock Green" (1955) playing "Lennie" in episode #1.2: Needle in a Haystack, 16 July 1955
"The Vise" (1954) episode # 2.3: The Corpse in Room Thirteen, 15 July 1955
"The Vise" (1954) playing "The General" in episode #1.13: Lucky Man, 24 December 1954