Biography of Philip Latham

Philip Latham
Playing the part of criminal mastermind, "Carter",
in Room Without a View, "The Avengers", 1966
(picture Canal+Image International)

English actor and voice actor who lent his voice to the very first episode of Gordon Murray's "Rubovian Legends" marionette television plays for children (The Queen's Dragon, broadcast December 15th, 1955, on BBC television). Judging by his voice and manner, Philip probably played the character of the Lord Chamberlain.

b. 17 February 1929 London, England, UK.

A versatile performer whose extensive career in film and television spans more than 35 years.

Biographic sketch (based on an interview published on the First Person Quiz website):
Philip says that his first ambition in life was to Captain England at cricket, followed soon after by his first disillusionment that this would never happen. His first stage appearance was at school, in the Edgar Wallace thriller, The Man Who Changed His Name. His first screen appearance was also at school, in a home-made cine film made by one of the parents on Sports Day, around about 1936. He says that his favourite story from "Doctor Who" is the anniversary special, The Five Doctors; which is not surprising since he appeared in it. 

Actor Filmography
The Man From the Pru (1990) (TV) ...K.C. Oliver  VHS
The Five Doctors (1963) (TV, 90 minute anniversary special in the "Doctor Who" series, 25th November, 1983) ...Lord President Borusa  DVD 
"The Fourth Arm" (1983) (TV Series) ...Colonel Hugh Gwillim 
From a Far Country (1981) ...Chaplain  VHS
 ... aka Da un paese lontano (1981) (Italy) 
 ... aka From a Far Country: Pope John Paul II (1981) 
 ... aka Z dalekiego kraju (1981) (Poland) 
Force 10 from Navarone (1978) ...Commander Jensen   DVD
"The Cedar Tree" (1976) (TV Series, 30 minutes, Colour) ...Arthur Bourne 
Spy Story (1976)   VHS
"The Pallisers" (1974) (TV Series) ...Plantagenet Palliser  DVD 
The New Life (1973) (TV drama; BBC Drama Plays Department, BBC2, 8 April 1973) ...
Is Nellie Dead?
(1973) (TV drama; BBC Drama Plays Department, BBC2, 30 minutes, 24 January 1973) ...
 ... aka Thirty-Minute Theatre: Is Nellie Dead? (UK series title)

The Last Grenade
(1970) (War drama, 94 minutes, Colour) ...Adams
The Marquise (1969) (TV drama; BBC Drama Plays Department, BBC1, 14 December 1969) ...
A Brilliant Future Behind Him (1967) (TV drama, 65 minutes, B&W) ...(voice)
Dracula: Prince of Darkness
(1966) (Horror, 90 minutes, Colour: Technicolor) ...Klove  DVD
 ... aka The Bloody Scream of Dracula (1966) 
 ... aka Disciple of Dracula (1966) 
 ... aka Dracula 3 (1966) 
 ... aka Revenge of Dracula (1966) 
The Secret of Blood Island (1965) (Action/war drama, Colour: Technicolor) ...Captain Drake
 ... aka P.O.W.: Prisoners of War (1965) 
The Devil-Ship Pirates (1964) (Adventure/thriller, 86 minutes, Colour: Eastmancolor) ...Miller 
The Invisible Asset (1963) (TV crime drama, 31 minutes)
 ... aka "Scales of Justice: The Invisible Asset" (1963) (UK series title) 
Ring of Spies (1963) (Drama, 90 minutes, B&W) ...Captain Ray
 ... aka
Ring of Treason (1964) (USA) 
Rivals (1963) (TV drama, 56 minutes) ...Lawrence
 ... aka "Edgar Wallace Mysteries: Rivals" (1963) (UK series title) 
"The Andromeda Breakthrough" (1962) (TV Series, drama/Sci-Fi; 6 x 45 minute-episodes; B&W) ...Osborne's PA 
"Harpers West One" (1961) (TV Series, drama; 32 x 60 minute-episodes; B&W) ...Oliver Backhouse
"The Treasure Seekers" (1961) (TV Series, adventure; 6 x 30 minute-episodes; B&W) ...Mr. Bastable
"The Moonstone" (1959) (TV Series; 7 x 30-minute episodes; B&W) ...Ezra Jennings
"A Rubovian Legend"
(1955) (TV Series, episode 1, The Queen's Dragon, broadcast live) ...(voice)

TV Guest Appearances
"The Professionals" (1977) playing "Hogan" in episode #5.5: Discovered in a Graveyard, 5 December 1982  DVD
"Nanny" (1981) playing "Mr. Abberton" in episode #2.1: Ringtime, 9 January 1982 
"Play for Today" (1970) episode #11.9: Name For The Day, 16 December, 1980
"Hammer House of Horror"
(1980) playing "Hargreaves" in episode # 1.12: The Two Faces of Evil, 29 November 1980
"No Exit" (1972) playing "Pardoe" in episode #1.2: Good at Games, 19 July 1972
(1970) playing "Blake" in episode #1.17: The Dalotek Affair, 10 February 1971  DVD
"The Avengers" (1961) playing "Carter" in episode #4.15: Room Without a View, 8 January 1966  DVD
"Public Eye" (1965) playing "Maxwell" in episode #1.3: They Go Off in the End, Like Fruit
"Z Cars" (1962) laying "Martin" in episode #4.21: Brotherly Love, 27 January 1965  VHS
"R3" (1964) playing "Colonel Gold" in episode #1.10: The Critical Moment, 23 January 1965
"Undermind" (1965) playing "Edmonds" in episode #1.7: Puppets of Evil, 1965 
"The Troubleshooters" (1965) playing Willy Izzard in episode: Some Days You Just Can't Win, 20 March 1967
 ... aka "Mogul" (1965) (USA) 
"The Saint" (1962) playing "'Long Harry' Garrett" in episode #3.4: The Scorpion, 29 October 1964  DVD
"Detective" (1964) playing "George Sharman" in episode #1.1: The Moving Toyshop, 30 March 1964
"Crane" (1962) playing "Salbierre" in episode #2.6: Death Is a Black Camel, 17 February 1964
"The Saint" (1962) playing "Ellshaw" in episode #2.5: The Elusive Ellshaw, 17 October 1963  DVD
"Suspense" (1962) playing "George Boulter" in episode #2.24: Deferred Terms, 10 June 1963
"The Avengers" (1961) playing "Professor Cartright" in episode #2.21: The White Dwarf, 17 February 1963  DVD
"Echo Four Two" (1961) playing "Sid Fenstone" in episode #1.5: Hot Money, 20 September 1961
"The Cheaters" (1961) playing "Cooke" in episode #1.9: Libel, 11 February 1961
"Danger Man" (1960) playing "Delroy" in episode #1.1: View from the Villa, 11 September 1960  DVD
"The Adventures of Robin Hood" playing "Father Ignatius" in episode #4.9: A Bushel of Apples, 17 July 1960  DVD
"Dial 999" (1958) in episode #1.38: Robbery with Violence, 1959
"The Flying Doctor" (1959) playing "Lou Vernon" in episode #1.11: Death in the Clouds, 1959
"The Four Just Men" (1959) playing "Valio" in episode #1.15: The Man with the Golden Touch, 7 January 1959