Biography of Patrick Harvey

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Patrick Harvey
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Patrick Harvey composed and played the haunting theme music for the original Rubovia television series, "Rubovian Legends"

Actor - Filmography
"To Serve Them All My Days" (1980) (TV Series, mini) ... Pianist
"The Regiment" (1973) (TV Series, episode Troopship ) ...
"Trial" (1971) (TV Series, episode Debris) ...Pianist
"Z Cars" (1969) (TV Series, episode The Best Day of the Year: Part 1) ...Pianist

Miscellaneous Crew - Filmography
Waters of the Moon (1983) (TV) ...musician: piano
"The Pallisers" (1974) (TV Series) ...musician: piano

Musical Composition/Performance
Victoria de los Angeles & Gerald Moore - Songs & Opera Arias by Brahms, Puccini, Rossini, Shubert, Wagner and others (2006) (Featuring Gerald Moore,  Felix Zanetti, and Patrick Harvey (piano), with the London Philharmonic Orchestra under Georges PrÍtre. Film footage covers 1957 and 1971. 79 minutes. EMI Classic Archive - 3102029 (DVD, Region 0, PAL))
(1972) (A suite for harmonica and guitar, written by Patrick Harvey for concert harmonicist Douglas Tate)
Theme for A Rubovian Legend (The Marionette Series, 1955 - 1965) Music by Patrick Harvey. Piano accompanied by Melodica (?) 0:38