Biography of Pamela Binns

Pamela Binns
Publicity photo, 1960s 

Pamela Binns
Publicity photo for short film, The Tea Party, 2002 

Pamela Binns
Publicity photo, 1976 


English actress with a diverse career in television and radio, who many years ago was the voice of the Grand Duchess Arabella of Humperstein in Gordon Murray's "Rubovian Legends" television marionette plays for children.

The Tea Party (2002) (Short film: running time 7 minutes, Colour) ...(actor)
The Tale of Little Pig Robinson (1997) (Video. Colour. from the original story by Beatrix Potter) ...(actor)  VHS
Bullseye! (1990) (93 minutes, Colour) ...The Duchess  VHS
Crossplot (1969) (96 minutes, Colour) ...Bride  DVD
The Great Rebellion (1967) (TV, BBC)
"The Big Spender" (1965) (TV series, 6 x 25 minutes, B&W, BBC2) ...Miss Lindsay
The Great Metropolis (1965) (TV, BBC)
The Dancing Princess (1962) (TV, B&W, marionette play by Gordon Murray) ...(voice) (alongside Violet Lamb, Eric Shilling, Hamilton Dyce, Roy Skelton and Noel Coleman)
"No Hiding Place" (1959-67) (TV series, Rediffusion)
"Play of the Week" (1959) (TV Series, B&W, The Crucible) ...Susanna Walcott
"A Rubovian Legend" (1955) (TV series, B&W, 6 out of 27 episodes, starting in 1958 with the 2nd series, marionette plays by Gordon Murray) ...Grand Duchess Arabella of Humperstein (voice)
The Winkleburg Armourer (1956) (TV, B&W, marionette play by Gordon Murray) ...puppet player (alongside Audrey Atterbury, Violet Lamb, Noel Coleman, Derek Nimmo, James Beattie, Roy Skelton, David Sutton, Peter Sutton)

Notable TV Guest Appearances
"This is Dom Joly" (2003) episode #1.5: Ronni Ancona, 1 Giant Leap, 9 March 2003 
"The Bill" (1984) playing "anxious woman" in episode #3.9: Sun Hill Karma, 16 November 1987; drama  VHS
(1981) playing "Miss Fisher" in episode #7.1: Sea Changes, 28 January 1989
"Born And Bred" (1978) series #2: Nothing To Spoil Our Joy, 30 September 1980; comedy drama  DVD
"The Legend of Robin Hood" (1975) playing "Mad Woman" in episode 3, 7 Dec 1975
"Some Mothers Do 'Ave 'Em" (1973) playing "Mrs. Jones" in episode #2.4: Frank and Marvin, 13 December 1973  DVD
"The Befrienders" (1972) playing "Miss. Delwin" in episode #1.3: Hunted, 4 March 1972
"Z Cars" (1969) episode #6.277, A Quiet Day part 1, 24 November 1969  VHS
"The Liver Birds" (1969) playing "Irene" in episode # 2.2, 14 January 1971 
"Catch Hand" (1964) playing "Helen" in episode #1.5: It's Never the Same, 29 July 1964
"You Can't Win" (1961) playing "Ella's Sister" in episode #1.5: To Await Collection, 2 November 1961
"Dixon of Dock Green" (1955) playing "Pat Lindwall" in episode #9.9: All in the Line of Duty, 10 November 1962

"Doctor Who" (2002) playing "Sisterman Constant" in Big Finish Productions audio CD No.34 episode: Spare Parts  CD
"G&S Complete Broadcasts" (1966) (BBC Third Programme: Pirates of Penzance, 27 February 1966) ...Edith
"G&S Complete Broadcasts" (1966) (BBC Third Programme: Patience, 13 March 1966) ...(dialogue) Lady Ella
"G&S Complete Broadcasts" (1966) (BBC Third Programme: Iolanthe, 27 March 1966) ...Fleta
"G&S Complete Broadcasts" (1966) (BBC Third Programme: Princess Ida, 17 April 1966) ...Sacharissa
"G&S Complete Broadcasts" (1966) (BBC Third Programme: Utopia Limited, 3 July 1966) ...Melene
The Wooden Horse Of Troy
Manservant and Maidservant
Married To A Genius: Catherine Dickens

Heartbreak House (1997) (Bernard Shaw play directed by Michael Friend, Theatre Production Company/Michael Friend Productions, Herts, UK) ...Nurse Guinness 
Under Milk Wood  (1973)
The High Bid"
(1967) (Henry James play, Mermaid Theatre London UK. Dir. Bernard Miles. Opened 18th October 1967)
The Children's Hour
(c. 1956) (Lillian Hellman play produced at the Arts Theatre Club, Westminster, London, UK) ...(actor)
The Blue Bird (Lyric, Hammersmith)
The Shapes (Comedy Theatre, Repertory Players)
Roots (Theatre Royal, Windsor)
Fings Ain't Wot They Used T'Be (Theatre Royal, Lincoln)