Biography of Neville Main

Pippin Annual 1979
Neville Main's 'Rubovia' comic strip artwork, 1979 Pippin annual


English comic book artist.

Neville Main was a regular comic artist for TV Comic and PIPPIN in Playland.

In his long career at TV Comic, Neville Main contributed not only the 'Muffin the Mule' comic strip, but later 'Four Feather Falls', 'Doctor Who' (he was the first artist to draw 'Doctor Who' in a comic strip form), and 'Fireball XL5'. He also wrote and illustrated 'Muffin and His Friends', as well as the 'Jimmy' series of books, for the Brockhampton Press. Neville Main is also known for his illustration work for the PIPPIN in Playland's 'Rubovia' comic strips and stories in the 1970s, also writing 'Rubovia' stories for the Pippin annuals and at least two PIPPIN in Playland holiday specials.


King Boris & Queen Caroline of Rubovia The Rubovian Royal Colours
King Boris of Borsovia
Albert Weatherspoon, King Boris, and Queen Caroline

Some examples of Neville Main's 'Rubovia' comic strip artwork from the 1979 Pippin annual


Neville Main's Muffin and friends
Neville Main's Muffin and His Friends comic strip book,
Brockhampton Press, 1952, 15 x 6.5 cm, 123 pages.