Biography of Hazel Martingell

Hazel Martingell
At work in the new BBC
Television Centre, 1962 

English set maker and animation technician, who later became a well-known archeological artist and member of the AAI&S (Association of Archaeological Illustrators & Surveyors) in the UK)

Hazel Martingell worked as a set builder for Gordon Murray on his "Rubovian Legends" television series starting with the first three episodes made in 1955, and continuing with the main series from 1958 to 1963. In 1974 Hazel joined the caption* team on John Ryan's colour remake of the "Captain Pugwash" series, cutting out and constructing captions as well as controlling the audio tape and logging the filming. Interestingly, camera and lights were by Bob Bura and John Hardwick, who also worked on many of Gordon Murray's television projects. All of  the voices for the colour version of "Captain Pugwash" were performed by Peter Hawkins, another Gordon Murray alumnus from the original series of three Rubovian Legends episodes.

Hazel later became a professional archeological artist and member of the AAI&S (Association of Archaeological Illustrators & Surveyors) in the UK. The 2000 conference record of the AAI&S listed her presentation to the conference as, "Hazel Martingell's addiction to lithic artifacts, and the minutiae of this absorbing specialization." To give a further flavour of her work in lithics, her presentation to the Sampfords Society in 2003 was described as follows: "With slides and actual examples, Hazel Martingell, a nationwide expert on lithics, demonstrated how to categorise certain kinds of flint into their age and function." Hazel's work also includes drawings of other types of archaeological artifacts, such as a copper alloy military badge brought up from a ship wreck in Dorset.

*The term 'caption' mentioned above was coined by John Ryan to mean a special setup consisting of cardboard cutouts of the characters laid on painted backgrounds and connected to a series of cardboard levers and pull-aways to allow the figures and objects to be 'moved' and filmed in real-time. Captions were constructed in various sizes to accommodate real-time camera pans and zooms. Ryan drew all the Pugwash elements, while colour was added by Sara Cole, and Hazel Martingell cut everything out and put the caption elements together. 

Each 5-minute Pugwash episode consisted of about 50 captions and it took about two weeks to create enough of them for one episode. After several test-runs with an audio tape of  Peter Hawkins' prerecorded dialogue, Ryan and his assembled team pulled and pushed the captions in time to the voice track. At the same time Hazel Martingell controlled the tape and logged the filming, while Bob Bura and John Hardwick took care of the lighting and filming, which used 16 mm, B&W.

The Dancing Princess (1962) (Marionette play. BBC Productions) ...costumes and settings
"A Rubovian Legend" (1955) (TV series, 27 x 20 min episodes starting in 1958 with the 2nd series, B&W, marionette plays by Gordon Murray) ...set builder
(episodes: Clocks and Blocks, The Dragon's Hiccups, Mystery of Rubovia Castle, The Wonky Wand, Zaza Knows All, Spray Fever, Chickweed Wine, Knight for a Day, Crafty Art, Fit and Well, Something in the Air, The Clue, The Bell, Bees and Bellows, The Enchanted Duck, The Trap, Gala Performance, A Cranky Banquet, The Secret River, Stop Press, Fire, Fire, Fire, Calling All Trunks, The Troublesome Double, Bewitched Boots, A Sinister Visitor, The Giddy Ghost [not Tx'd]) 
“Captain Pugwash”
(1974) (TV-Series) (30 x 5-min Colour 'caption' animation episodes. BBC Productions. Created, written, illustrated and directed by John Ryan. Voices by Peter Hawkins. Camera and lighting by Bob Bura and John Hardwick) ...animation technician
(episodes: Down The Hatch, Monster Ahoy!, A Mouse A’midships, The Show Boat, Pirate Picnic, Flood Tide, Fish Meal, Mutiny On The Black Pig, A Shot Across The Bows, The Great Bank Robbery, Wedding Bells, Diamonds On Ice, Stung!, Birthday Cake, The Riddle Of The Rubies, Six Foot Deep, The Cannon Ball, Witches' Brew, The Golden Trail, Pirate Of The Year, The Fruit Machine, The Plank, Voyage Of Discovery, Fair Exchange, Smugglers’ Cove, The Flying Buccaneer, The Island Of The Dodos, Caught In The Act, A Tell-Tale Tail, Off With His Head)

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